Some of the most recent Neighbourhood Watch bulletins will be added to this page. These are summaries of reports that occur all over Sussex and not necessarily in Stone Cross but if the articles may be relevant ie breaking into sheds and outbuildings or local scams then we have included them.
Sussex Police Fraud Newsletter Jan 2017 - Five steps to fraud protection, spoof Amazon e-mail,  BT Call barring and Online charity collection fraud.

Highlights article about callers in Willingdon area calling for work and distracting residents - March 2017

Motorbike theft and general helpful info to keep them safe March 2017

Motorbike and caravan thefts about April 2017

General personal safety and keep sheds and garages safe April 2017

Cyber attack and ransomware May 2017

Car break-ins Polegate and Stone Cross June / July

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