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Wealden Bin  collections—industrial action.

Currently strike action is affecting bin collections. Guidance from 12th May from Wealden was that they are only expecting around 50% of rubbish bins being collected. Recycling and garden waste collections are not currently being collected. Their guidance is to put rubbish bins out on scheduled days and if not collected then leave out for 3 more days. If still uncollected then bring the bin back in as it won’t be collected, then put it out again on the next scheduled date. Although they indicate recycling and garden waste will not be collected it would be up to households to choose if they wish to try the same system as the rubbish bins as we do not know when the dispute will be resolved and collections return to normal.


When collections do resume they will collect additional backlog ‘side waste’ for a short time. For recycling they ask it to be  rinsed clean of food and drink and placed in non-black bags beside the recycling bin. They also state that rubbish bins are for non recyclable waste and if they contain recycling or garden waste they warn they will not be emptied. The tips in Wealden run by East Sussex County Council are open as usual. The latest up to date information can be found at

Latest news is that action is expected to continue until at least mid June.