Recent News

Neighbourhood Watch page has had recent alerts added, door callers in Willingdon, theft of motorbikes and caravans and general web safety. In addition after the recent NHS cyber attack there is further information and guidance about online safety.

We have asked a local gardener to tidy up parts of the estate. The front has been started with additional grass cutting and weeds from the wall and the one dead tree removed. We are wishing some of the brambles to get cut back through the estate when he has time to get to them. As a follow up we have now continued with a more structured schedule of work, with regular grass cuts as well as one off works to tackle problems in other parts of the estate. We are pleased with the works done so far.

The winter grit bins have been tended to, drainage holes drilled into the base and the contents turned over and topped up. In addition if any members wish to collect a bag of rocksalt to have to hand to cover a particularly tricky corner or incline on the estate that is not covered by the bins then let us know.

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