Recent News

Covid Pandemic

Currently we are still being guided by instructions to what is suitable to do during the current stage of the viral pandemic. We circulated notes to encourage households to swap phone numbers and contact details with neighbours and especially those that may be more vunerable, ie elderly or living alone. We also asked if any household had not been contacted or were concerned about receiving sufficient help then they could contact any of the committee to see if we can arrange for a suitable neighbour to keep in contact with them. Everyone seems to have taken measures to cope with the lockdown and nobody has contacted us for further assistance. Should an individual's personal situation change then please contact any of our committee numbers - details on the contact us section of the website.

Limited gardening

We have started our gardener off on keeping the front of the estate tidy with regular fortnightly cuts of the front grass. Before the Covid pandemic we had identified several other areas for him to tidy. Some have been completed recently as they were on open spaces but one or two were close to properties so we have held off a little longer so as not to instruct him to work too close to households.

Chaffins have continued to operate on the main Parish Council areas, although there was an understandably reduced service during the peak of the lockdown. As time has gone on though some areas are quite overgrown now. We do not know whether these areas are scheduled to be tackled or just not known about by the Parish Council so we will attempt to sort these out.